Not Your Ordinary Recycle Bin

When you hear recycle, I am sure you’re thinking of aluminum cans and plastic bottles. That’s a typical thought process, right? However, when I say the term, I am referring to the re-utilization of clothes in your wardrobe. I’m certain you’ve read a plethora of fashion blogs and magazines filled with people wearing the hottest fashions and the newest of the newest clothes. But, realistically, who can afford a new wardrobe every season? Be honest.

Most of my friends assume I shop all the time, which I am guilty of and I confess. Although I may shop frequently, it doesn’t mean I am spending lavishly. You have to approach it tactfully. Knowing when, where and how are crucial to being successful and saving. If I had to use an example, I would compare it to groceries. For instance, when prepping a dinner, you might: use what’s already in the kitchen, buy new items of what you don’t have or use coupons for better deals and savings. Buying clothes isn’t that much different. It’s a pretty simple concept and can make a whole world of a difference.

Simplicity is key.

20150913_195526 (2)

collage - red, black and gold2

IMG_6595 (2)

Two different looks. Recycled readers, joggers, socks and sneakers.


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