The Fresh Prince

Style Tip: When I begin the process of piecing together an outfit for an event, I like to brainstorm ideas first or have a concept or point of reference of what I am looking for prior to shopping. For example, I will begin with an accessory like a tie or socks and build a wardrobe from there. This makes everything simple and stream-lined.

The Fresh Prince

Someone recently asked me to describe my style to them and after giving it some thought I came up with the analogy: Carlton Banks vs. Will Smith or preppy vs. urban. I have always had an affinity for sports jackets, ties/bow ties and sneakers for as long as I can remember. While attending college, I wore blazers with loose ties, baggy jeans and colored du-rags (a fashion choice I regret). I thought I was hot stuff and you couldn’t tell me anything. But, as I have aged, my fashion choices have been far less obnoxious. In fact, I think my, overall, style has remained the same, but there have been minor modifications along the way. I no longer wear baggy jeans, opting for slim fitting pants instead and eliminating the du-rags altogether (thank God, right…what was I thinking back then?).

When discussing my personal style, it’s important to note my upbringing and how it has shaped me. In a previous post I examined how my mother’s influence molded me, but, there were always other influencers as well. I won’t elaborate on it much because I don’t think it’s needed but I was brought up in the church and attended Catholic school, all while living in the inner city of Detroit. These settings are vital to understanding how I developed my style.

While visiting Atlanta over the weekend, I collaborated with a friend on a photo shoot. I put together a unique ensemble of primary colors (red, blue and yellow) using clothes I already owned. I started with the cyan colored polo sweater vest as the main focus and then built an outfit around it. The bow-tie looked amazing with the yellow shirt and vest. Since it [bow-tie] had subtle hints of red and I wanted to bring those colors out, I added the blue sneakers and the red baseball cap to accentuate it. I was pleased with the final result.

IMG_1093 (2)IMG_1121 (2)IMG_1135 (2)


Fitted Cap: New Era; Dress shirt and Sweater Vest: Ralph Lauren; Bow-Tie: Saddlebred; Bracelet: Rue 21; Watch: Invicta; Joggers: I.N.C ; Sneakers: Chris Paul aka CP3



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