Sweaters – grandpa sweaters, to be exact – have grown quite fascinating to me this season. It started with the Ugly Christmas Sweater party invitations and then I soon found myself actively seeking them everywhere I shopped. On a recent visit to the 2nd Avenue thrift store in Columbia, MD, I discovered an entire selection of delectable grandpa sweaters in a variety of styles. 

I’ve never been one to jump on the bandwagon but I thought the ugly sweater craze was interesting. So instead of celebrating the sweaters for their unpleasantness, I contemplated ways to make them more appealing. I began to conceptualize how I wanted the sweater to stand out and what accessories I could use to make that happen successfully. In the end, I created an urban-esque look that compliments the colors of the sweater without it being complex and over-bearing. I added an olive hat from H&M ($7.99), a blue leather-strapped Invicta watch ($595.00), a brown beaded bracelet ($12.00) and brown boots ($79.00) from Call It Spring to complete the look. Cartier glasses were a gift.


IMG_1143 (3)



IMG_1211 (2)


Snap-back fitted: H&M; Sweater: JosBank; Bracelet and Boots: Call It Spring; Jean joggers: International Concepts; Eye-wear: Cartier




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