Style Tips: If you’re ever looking for a good bargain on winter attire (coats, boots, merino sweaters, hats, scarves, etc…) the best time to shop is immediately after New Year’s. Typically, retailers are prepping for Spring arrivals and need to purge their winter inventory. Remember the closer it gets to February, the steeper those discounts will be.


Occasionally, I’ll buy a new jacket, shoes or accessories, to add to my wardrobe; however, I have been devoted to creating a variety of outfits from clothes already stocked in my closet. If you take a quick look at my Instagram or blog, I frequently re-wear the same clothes. It’s because I know it’s not about having the biggest wardrobe – it’s about maximizing your wardrobe’s full potential. For instance, I wear two brands of jeans that I dress to fit whatever style I want to rock on any particular day. It’s not necessary for me to own numerous pairs to show my individuality and flair. I utilize what I have and make it work. Sometimes less is more.

Here you have two ensembles I put together using a floral sweater purchased from H&M. The first look features me wearing the sweater with olive green chinos and burgundy boots; and, the second is preppy style dressed with a hunter-green polo and hot pink chinos. Each ensemble contains a garment or accessory that has been “recycled” in crafting prior outfits. Previously, the hot pink chinos were paired with a teal jacket and white shirt for a Miami Vice look, while the burgundy boots were paired with an earth toned cape and my favorite pair of faux-denim joggers by International Concepts.


20151009_150055 (2)





Sweater: H&M; Olive Chinos: Old Navy; Hot Pink Chinos: Cheap Monday; Bracelets: Rue 21; Sunglasses: Express; Boots, White Slip-On Shoes and Green Polo – Thrift store.

Photos 1, 3 & 4 by Robert Roys of A Flash Away

Website:; Instagram: @learn2obey



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