The Right Fit

While visiting Atlanta over the weekend, I did a little shopping at a local mall. I checked my usual spots: H & M, Macys, Forever 21/21 Men, Call It Spring, Express and Zara. I was mostly window-shopping, but, while at Zara, I stumbled upon an intriguing white jacket  was interested in purchasing. I pulled one in an “extra-large” American fit, only to realize it was too small for my frame.  I thought for a moment, maybe I accidentally grabbed the wrong size, however, the label was marked correctly.

Though I was upset about it, it came as no surprise – this was not the first time I have experienced such deceit. As of man of my size, it seems to be a normal occurrence actually.  It’s like companies create clothes without considering the needs of men with bellies and/or big chests or big and tall men (But, we already knew this, so it’s nothing new, right?). Whether I shop for dress shirts at Express or jackets at Zara, I frequently run into issues with finding the right fit for my body. I have found it rather important to find brands and companies that work best for your particular needs. It’s equally important to ensure every piece of clothing you buy fits your body appropriately as well.


~ Wardrobe ~

Cap: New Era; Long-sleeved crew neck shirt: Target; White Vest: Express; Jeans: American Eagle Outfitters; Sneakers: Jordans; Watch: Invicta

Photos by Robert Roys of A Flash Away

Website:; Instagram: @learn2obey



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