Fashion Rules. Style Owns.

I would consider my fashion stance as liberal as it gets. But, no matter how daring my outfits may be I am constantly questioning how I can stand out in a world where everyone is concerned with conforming. That is why I embrace wild colors, bold pieces and things considered “fashion faux-pas”.

[Enter (Patterns) here]

Fashion has many rules it likes to enforce. Unfortunately, the stubborn stylist in me refuses to adhere to them all. I used to follow the rule of wearing a solid shirt with a patterned tie or a solid tie with a patterned shirt because I was told this was the proper way of doing things. Growing up, it never crossed my mind to pair two, three or even four patterns simultaneously. Luckily for me, through my own tenacity and creative spirit, I learned some rules are meant to be broken.

It is possible to pull off a patterned-look without looking like a buffoon. You can make it work to your advantage, come out on top and be stylish. Though I may not be an advocate for unnecessary rules, I think certain guidelines provide structure so that you may be successful in your appearance. Some quick points for fashioning a patterned look are to wear 1) complimentary colors, 2) differentiating patterns, and 3) solids for overall cohesiveness.

I’ll break it down for you…

My focal point for this outfit was the bow-tie. Its colors of yellow, orange and blue provided the groundwork for the ensemble. Since it contained a paisley design, it was necessary to pair a vertically-striped baby blue and white shirt to produce much needed contrast. Also, I knew I wanted to pair a hat, specifically my burnt-orange and brown checkered Kangol with it as well. In an attempt to make everything cohesive, I incorporated a solid navy blue cardigan sweater with a yellow and white stripe to bring it together. I accessorized with brown colors to compliment the yellow and orange of the tie.

I hope this article helps you in your own style adventures.

Remember fashion enforces rules, while style creates its own.

Much love,


Mr. Franklin




 Photos by @azebrowskiphoto


Hat: Kangol; Dress shirt: Tommy Hilfiger; Bow-tie: Belk; Cardigan sweater: Sean John; Watch: Invicta; Joggers: Macys; Tassel loafers: Cole Haan.





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