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Tip: Suspenders are known to be highly flattering on a bigger guy’s frame because of their vertical lines which provide a “slimming” look. So remember that next time you are deciding between a belt and suspenders.

Fellow Fashionistas,

The thought of searing heat makes me want to strip down to my birthday suit while reclined in a lawn chair sipping iced lemonade for the entire season. Though it seems cool to me, “You should probably put on a t-shirt and shorts,” Summer, my girl, suggest snidely. Reluctantly, I will follow her suggestion, maybe even arguing over it, though I know she’s right. Summer and I have had a very tumultuous relationship. We often bicker because we prefer to do things our own way. She gets under my skin and I sweat profusely when around her. She’s constantly nagging me, asking questions like “Why can’t you be more like those t-shirt and jeans kind of guys?” I try my best to ignore her. Sometimes I even sneak behind her back, layering on clothes, like dress shirts and sweaters just to tick her off. And she’ll watch from afar, snickering as I struggle with the heat and my wardrobe choice. She says I’m crazy. Maybe she’s right. Oh, how I miss you Autumn and your colorful, changing spirit. Why have you forsaken me?


Summer presents the daunting task of creating outfits that are sophisticated yet simple/comfortable. Because I am not a t-shirt and jeans kind of guy, I am looking for ways to continue wearing a summer style similar to the winter one. So in preparation for the heat, I opted for different fashion pieces. I focused my energies on short-sleeve shirts and pants, creating the foundation for a variety of breathtaking looks. This would include several firsts for me, including ties and/or suspenders with a short-sleeve shirt – a look I have never done but was willing to tackle head on.

I am pleased with the results of my experiment and have provided pictures for you to enjoy and be inspired.

Yours truly,


Mr. Franklin



– Wardrobe –

Hat: H&M; Soft-wash short sleeve shirt: Old Navy; Bow-tie: Stacy Adams; Suspenders and shorts: Express; Watch: Target; Saddle: G.H. Bass & Co; Briefcase: Kenneth Cole.

Photos by Robert Roys of A Flash Away

Website:; Instagram: @learn2obey





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