Old Me/New Me

Sales-Clerk: Oh my god, you’re belly is so big. You should try this cleanse.
Me: No thank you, I am fine.
SC: No, that’s not healthy. Can you even look down?
Me: Yes I can! (Gave her a look of disgust) I am healthy and I excercise.
SC: No, you don’t. I had three kids and look at me. I have a flat stomach. Your stomach is too big. Come on, try this, it’ll make you slimmer.
Me: No thank you. (I exited)

This conversation happened yesterday while at the mall. She was so rude to me and it was unnecessary. Some things you think are not meant to be said. She did not have the right to bully me into buying her product. That’s not how an effective sale works. Maybe this has worked in her favor on those who have low self-esteem but I am not the one. The old me would have let her words crumble my day but I brushed it off and kept it moving. I know my worth. I know I am a good-looking lad, but she, nor anyone else, will not make me feel otherwise. Though she tried to hurt my spirit, I felt bad for her….



IMG_0206 (2)




Photography: Alex Zebrowski


Hat: H&M; Readers: NYS Collection; Shirt: Beverly Hills Polo Club; Bow-Tie/Handkercheif: Hermoso; Watch: Swiss Legend; Suit: K & G; Socks: Target


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