plus size luxe

Will there be any luxury brands for Plus-size men anytime in the near future?

How can we expect luxury fashion designers to create clothes for plus-size men if they still have yet to embrace the $20.4 billion dollar market for women [1]? It’s not as if they cannot cater to us, but more of an unwillingness to do so. I am sure they have calculated the numbers and understand the growing demand, yet the industry has not budged. It makes you wonder, what gives?

In my opinion, I’ve always felt high-end designers choose not to tackle the plus-size movement because of status and exclusivity. If they outright said “you’re beautiful just as you are,” they would have no reason to sell you more cosmetics or waist-trainers. Being entangled in our self-worth is how they make money. And, as long as they are around, there’s always something you need to improve or fix. It’s why a slightly overweight young girl might watch Victoria’s Secret Fashion show and wonder why none of the women have a body like hers. It’s the very same reason why Melissa McCarthy[2] and Leslie Jones[3], who, in spite of being highly successful in Hollywood, have struggled finding designers to dress them for award ceremonies. The fashion industry thrives on perpetuating this ideal body with no room for anything else, but, the times are changing. 

The body positive campaigns started because we were fed up with being told we weren’t adequate. We knew there was nothing wrong with us. We were pretty enough. We were handsome enough. We were skinny enough. Or fat enough. We were – simply, enough. We didn’t need validation from others because we knew it deep down. We felt it radiating through our souls, permeating through our skin. We were beautiful and wanted to combat the shame we felt for loving ourselves.   


Going back to the original question, I am not worried whether there will be luxury brands representing PS men in the near future. The fashion industry has heard our cries and concerns but has fallen short. Existing luxury designers may never cater to our demographic but that’s not going to stop us from moving forward. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the community is when it wants something done, it doesn’t wait. When we didn’t find ourselves featured in magazine spreads we became the models we wanted to see via Instagram. Instead of complaining when there were no Angels with curves in seductive lingerie rocking the runway, we created our own show to celebrate our beauty [4]

We’re not waiting on the rest of the world to jump on the bandwagon, rather we are pressing forward and creating the changes we seek in an industry that has long ignored us. Our community has needs to be met and there are people and companies already listening. For example: women have the trend-setting Torrid, while Oublier and Volare specialize in fashionable clothing for big and tall men. 

We, the PS community, are tired of being told “No” and are doing everything in our power to ensure we are heard, even if that means breaking down a few doors to get there. 





snap-back: h&m; shirt: pacsun; jacket: calvin klein;

joggers: zara; gloves: express; backpack and sandals: gucci

Photography by Alex Zebrowski






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