Beauty and The Beast

This beautiful dad cap with its embroidered red rose reminded me of the enchanted one from Beauty and the Beast.  Unfortunately, it’s no longer on Forever 21’s website but there is a similar cap in a lavender color available. But, if you’re looking for something more like what I have in my photos, check the Pinterest link below.

The cap spawned an idea to create an outfit where it would be the focal point so I ditched my signature bold colors and prints for something more neutral for that to happen. Overall, I was aiming for something casual yet, also, urban. I think I succeeded.




As I tried my best to link the proper items with each brand, some items may be outdated or sold out, so I attached links to similar items.

Outfit Details:

Cap: Pinterest; Jacket: Target ($27.98); Sunglasses: Aldo; Henley Shirt: H&M ($9.99);

Shorts: ASOS ($24 +); Watch: Invicta; Shoes: Macys; Bag: Banana Republic ($138)


Photography by Alex Zebrowski


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